Advent Calendar 2020

AzureとJavaに関連する話題だけのAdvent Calendarです。エントリ自体はほぼ日本語です。
Main topics are Java and Azure related technologies. Most of contents here are written in Japanese.

1The many ways of polyglot programming with GraalVM
2Day Period Support in JDK 16
3Azure API Management 開発者ポータルでのAPI可視・不可視の制御
4Metaspace in OpenJDK 16
5NUMA-Aware Memory Allocation for G1 GC
6Project Panama and jextract
7Biased Locking in HotSpot
8Finalizing instanceof Pattern Matching and Records in JDK 16
9Towards OpenJDK 17
10Compressed GraalVM Native Images: the best startup for Java apps comes in tiny packages
11JDK 15 Security Enhancements
12Moving Toward Inline Classes: JEP 390 and the @ValueBased Annotation
13 Azure Cosmos DB Java SQL SDK v4 での transactional batch サポート
14value types and struct tearing
15Azure Front Door + App Serviceの組み合わせで、できるだけ簡単にAzure Front Doorからのアクセスだけを許可したい
16Micronaut and GraalVM: An integration story
17Free your JVM from the JIT with JITServer technology
18A glimpse into performance of JITServer technology
19Kafka Streaming on GraalVM
20Building Class Data Sharing Archives with Apache Maven
21Smaller, Faster-starting Container Images With jlink and AppCDS
22Helidon 2.2.0 Released
Helidon with Micronaut Data Repositories
MicroProfile GraphQL Support Now Available in Helidon MP
23Iterators vs. Cursors: A Case Study in Objects vs. Values
24Azure Blob Storageでの並行処理
25On the Performance of User-Mode Threads and Coroutines

Happy holidays!